Loving Female Authority

Katherine West the writer of the Loving Female Authority blog has been silent for months. I’ve been baffled that so many Femdom bloggers link to her (no criticism intended). Was it just the title of the blog I wondered.

Her last original entry was posted back on June 15th. She was writing about cuckolding her husband:

… He said he felt as though we were playing our parts, but there was no true intimacy amongst any of us. I agree. I think the nature of casual aquaintences congealing into sexual activity is less than just the warm kisses of my husband on my ankles when he rubs my feet. I think we reached for something bold, but instead found an experience that might have been on par with an adult film. At the time it was quite absorbing, but afterwards, there was no intensity of his submission to enjoy. Furthermore, my husband has been quite himself since the evening ended. This was very unlike our past experiences in which my nurturing was his opiate.

Perhaps Loving Female Authority will return to life with a happy report. (I discount the speculation that Ms. West is really a man spinning fantasies but have no way to know.)

But if like me you read many, many blogs focusing on female led relationships and wife-led marriages – variously actual, fantasies, and wished for goals – you’ll noticed that LFA is not a panacea.

Sometime it blows up in the couple’s face. Then blog then grows silent, often is removed. Perhaps the FLR has been abandoned as unworkable. Perhaps the couple went on to divorce court.

Be careful: make sure what you think you want is within your power to handle. Neither the dominant woman nor the submissive man should be pushed past their safe emotional limits. And these will be individual to each couple. Don’t preach some imaginary ideal that is nothing more than an expression of your masturbatory fantasies.

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