CBT Punishment

A husband is punished for orgasming without permission:

Last night, Wifey began my punishment by tossing me the gates of hell. I guess I wouldn’t be given the choice to leak. That thing makes it very difficult to reach that point. I put it on and she tied my to the bed using a couple of my old neckties. She was only going to tie one wrist, but as she produced a braided leather belt, obviously to whip me with, I covered up my exposed balls with my free hand. She wasn’t having that and my free wrist was tied.

She left me legs free, but I knew I had to keep them open to accept my punishment. She stood at the foot of the bed and with a straight downward motion, started to whip my caged cock and tender balls. She gave me about 20 hard whacks. Some hit my thighs, which was a relief, but many hit me square on the nuts. To make matters worse, the ones that did connect with my balls all seemed to land on the same side. My right ball definitely got the worst of it. Several of the blows caused pain deep in the pit of my stomach. It was the most severe whipping I’ve ever gotten. …

And that was only the beginning.


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