Submissive Son

Mistress Kathy shares her feelings about her son and Femdom:

Everyone who has followed this blog know that I have a son. The question that comes to me is how would I feel if he fell in love with a dominant women who proceeded to make him into something of a slave husband. The truth is that I would be very happy for him. I would love to see him in a ‘loving’ relationship with a lady who controlled him. Considering how submissive John is, I would suspect our son is also submissive.

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  1. I’m a dad and would not mind if my sons met dominant wives. In fact, being a sub male by principle, I could hardly do otherwise. Why would I want my two boys to become macho jerks?

  2. it depends on the sexuality of the child. if i had a gay child i would not want him/her to end up in a hetrosexual relationship, just as if i had a dominant child, i would not want them to end up in a submissive role.

    im not a parent, so i may have it wrong, but i’d rather any children i had grew up to be in the kind of relationship they liked. be it femdom, maledom, equal partners with or without any fetishes.

  3. Ladies get more and more power in this world every day so why not teaching boys right from the start the female dominance by staying totally naked all time in front of their clothed sisters? These days CFNM gets more and more popular so why not forcing all boys to be totally naked in front of the clothed girls at home? To show the women supremacy all boys should also go to school naked, doing sports & swim naked. In future the everywhere naked boys and men will be reality, at home but also outdoors. Only women will have the right to wear clothes someday.

    1. I realize this is all just male fantasy stuff, but what you propose would be child abuse everywhere. And even if it were among adults, do you really think that there are that many women out there who want their brothers, sons, dads, etc. walking around naked all the time? I can’t say I’ve ever known any.

  4. About the male child nakedness…
    I think that the government would kind of frown upon that. Children would defenetly get taken away, although the idea is good 🙂

    Good luck in your son finding his Domme!

  5. I think that is a lovely idea. I would be proud if my son was enslaved by a dominant woman because it would be good for him to learn the males true place and that is serving a woman.

  6. i was raised as a slave by a Dominant Aunt. i was always kept nude and used and abused by her daughters. That was my place, that was my life, and i would have it no other way.

  7. Many people feel that keeping a young boy naked at home while Females are clothed somehow damages the boy. The hightened submission becomes so desireable that a boy wants this to go on for his entire life. i have lived this and i would love to repeat every moment.

    i would also like to learn how Women feel about the concept.

  8. i required my younger bf to be nude if he were to hope for a kiss
    and when i took him for drives in the country in the summer, he would be entriely nude as soon as we were out of town. He was a pretty thing, and I saw no reason I shouldnt enjoy the sight of him, and enjoy his embarrassment as well.

  9. I am only 22 so having children is not an issue yet but I am Dom and think I will be more so as time goes on so I am very interested about how other life-style doms deal with this. Do you keep it a secret which seems to defeat the whole lifestyle choice or do you let it hang out and let kids make up there own minds? And if a son turns out submissive should his mother take control? I think Yes because then she can steer him in the right direction and make sure he isnt just used by some woman – and it would be daft if she didnt enjoy that, as no doubt he would. Girls are surely easier; encourage them I say!! There are lots of complications but basically I cant see why a daughter shouldnt dom her dad if thats what they want; I’m sure it would be very loving. Most girls seem to dom their brothers given half a chance. I have a work colleague who is always telling me about the thrashing she gives her boys, one of whom is in his teens. Its supposed to be about discipline but she does it bare arsed in front of the sisters and isnt satisfied until their buttocks are bright red and they are crying.

  10. If the young man wants this lifestyle so be it. He must be made aware in advance of the demands his dominant lady will make if him. Once he agrees however…she’s the boss!

  11. I am all for freedom of choice. I do not think a mother should teach a child femdom at an early age, but if he chooses to live the femdom lifestyle all the power to him, or not as the case may be :P.

    Mistress Kate

  12. I can see no ABSOLUTE reason that a boy could not be trained/encouraged in the submale lifestyle IF he shows an interest in it and is not forced to participate. Likewise, I could agree that sisters/aunts/female cousins (if any) of such a boy could be permitted to participate in his training as long as both they AND he were comfortable with it, and agreed to it.

    I do NOT think that any actual sex activity between mother/son or brother/sister should be even remotely considered. Any familial training for boys shuld consist of his learning perfect obedience and serving in any (non-sexual) way that the family females demanded.

    This is not to say that mandatory male nudity cannot be used as one of many training and/or disciplinary methods. In such instances, it would probably be better for all concerned if the boy/young man was put into a chastity device. This would allow such training as bath attendant and or massage to be partipated in without unacceptable risk.

  13. The main question is would you pressure/force your son to be submissive as hesaslave is suggesting is a good thing. I say no. If your son just is submissive, then I don’t really see a problem giving him guidance, but only if it is really him being submissive and not you wanting him to be. How old is he?

  14. when i was eleven my mother took away everything i had, burnt everything, kicked me out of my room and forced me to live in the garage in the nude. All i had was a single school uniform which i wasnt allowed to wear at home. when i got home from school i had to strip naked, go to the garage and lie on a table ready for her to whip me. once she had whipped me on my back i had to roll over so she could whip me on my front including my testicles and penis. She turned everything she was doing with me into a kind of show that she practiced on me. once she was ready she had one of her freinds film what she was doing with me. i ended up enjoying it because she was modifying my testicles and penis so that they would be as large as possible by the time i had finished puberty. i actually asked my mother if i could become her 24/7 submissive. i still pose nude now and then but would like to become a proper extreme ultra ultra hardcore b/d + s/m submissive and to be kept fulltime in a soundproof, escapeproof, locked room. if you can use me or know some one who can then contact me

  15. my name is luke. i am writing this with the hope that someone may be able to use me in some way or know someone who can. i would like to totally dissappear for the rest of my life and to be kept naked and chained in a soundproof, escapeproof, locked room as a slave and used as a submissive in ultra ultra extreme hardcore b/d, s/m, testicle and penis torture and testicle and penis modification films/videos. i am willing to be kept in a mother/son type relationship and am also willing to be kept as a laboratory boy and have medical experiments performed on my penis and testicles. i am willing to go as far as having my testicles and penis removed and to be used as a submissive in a snuff film. i am willing to pose nude with my mother as her submissive.

  16. its luke again, i am sorry that i havent got everything into one reply. i am very genuine and am hoping that someone who can use me will read this or be told about it. when i was eleven i became my mothers snuff son and ran away from home so that her and two of her freinds could keep me in a what they called the quivering room and perform quivering sessions on my testicles and penis. my mother told me that she wanted me to be the most sexually abused and molested boy who had ever lived and i co operated with her because i loved what she and her freinds were doing to my penis and testicles. if you can use me i am begging you to please contact me

  17. This happened to me. And I didn’t approve, but I was to young to resist. This wasn’t any Damn fantasy I chose. My mom and older sister did many things to me I still can’t get over. Short story- I wound up at 15 beating my sister half to death-bloody and damaged then having my way with her sexually. After this she was terrified of me and would not help my mother. A few weeks later I told my mom this nightmare was over. I would no longer be naked and abused for her amuesement. She smiled and went to get her little whip-unfortunately for her I chopped it up and put it back. She came back in a rage and attacked me. I beat the snot out of my mom and kept doing it. Then I molested her. My sister was just crying-I asked her about her female supremacy beliefs, she wisely didn’t awnser. Then I called the police-They arrested me and my mother. The case against me was dropped-my mother took a plea deal. Prison. I have not responded to any of her mail-screw her! My sister and I have forgiven each other-and talk often. She is still frightened of me though, I can tell-not good. Some of you think this would be great if it happened to you. As an adult if this is what you choose-it’s your choice. As a child- Wrong-Very Wrong. Let them choose their own path. My life will never be good, I will never trust women-period. This means propably no chance of family. I talk to people about what happened to me but no change in my rage. Let me catch you people involved in this-god help you.

  18. its luke again i am very genuine. when i was eleven i agreed to co-operate with my mother so that her and two of her freinds could raise me and train me to become a quivering boy. my mother took me out of school and i was sent to live with her two freinds where i was kept in a soundproof escapeproof silence of the lambs type torture chamber as my mothers quivering boy. i agreed to do it because i liked what my mother was doing to m penis and testicles and even went so far a agreeing to co-operate while she used me in a snuf film

  19. This is a real tricky area. I would think that at about 4 years of age or so, boys could be introduced into the concept of female superiority. You know, “boys must always obey girls”, “boys must do what girls want them to do”, “boys must always be polite to girls”, boys must never argue with girls”, etc. etc. When they inevitably ask why, they must be told that it is just the natural way things are and that those are the rules, and they have to abide by the rules. If a boy accepts these ideas without any problems, then he can be gradually brought along further in the concepts. But, I don’t think a boy should ever be forced. If he resists, then he is not a natural candidate for further training.

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