Ms M. & Her Chastised Male

Advice on long-term orgasm denial:

The key to male orgasm control is to understand that absolute, long-term control isn’t practical. It also isn’t much fun except for the guy who wants to live that fantasy. If arousal is withheld, interest in sex will decline in a man. If interest goes down, there is little point in continuing chastity play since he has no interest. The key to the fun is that he knows you control his sex, making male orgasm control great fun. If as a keyholder, you work on a routine that guarantees his interest and provides relief often enough to prevent him from finding another way, you are on your way to big fun.

None of the chastity belts are safe for long-term wear unless regular inspections are made for irritation or other problems. There are ways to do this as a form of fun play incorporating male orgasm control that eventually results in a permanent exchange of power.

The myths about arousal and male orgasm control are incredible. Male orgasm control works best if the keyholder makes a concentrated effort to keep her partner as aroused as possible as often as possible. You don’t miss what you can’t get. Constant reminders work wonders on behavior. Men will not go blind, nor will their balls swell and suffer if they don’t ejaculate. That being said, it is healthier for a man to ejaculate regularly. You, as keyholder decide what that means.

Ms M. & Her Chastised Male

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