CBT Pervertible

One of my favorite female sadists writes about perverting an egg topper:

It’s essentially a stainless circle with scissors-style handles that, when squeezed, push stainless steel points inside the circle.

We all know where I’m going with this.

I’ve used mine twice; once simply to scare my pet, and the other time with a nice gentleman I met at a play party. We each had one in our kit; mine seemed to run a little more smoothly, so we used mine.

Many gentlemen will probably be unable to fit the head of the penis through the circle; however, I found the points worked quite well just on the head of the penis. My model certainly looked scared as hell, which was fine with both of us.

Egg Topper

One thought on “CBT Pervertible”

  1. I was interested to see the piece on egg toppers. I have been giving them away whenever I visit a new Mistress here in the UK. To date, I must have presented a dozen or more to various Mistresses.

    Three of them superglued together make a formidable CBT toy!

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