Slave in a Cage

An extract from a sexy story from my pal Angela St. Lawrence that makes me a little dizzy:

“Would you like to come out of your cage for a while, pet?”

Hearing his Mistress’s voice at the top of the stairs, Matthew’s cock began to twitch. With each steady, slow click of her heels as she descended the steps, it grew and the restraining ring around his balls tightened, causing the attached butt plug to automatically begin vibrating. Hurriedly, he dropped off the cot and onto his knees, pressing his face to the floor of the cage in supplication, as he’d been trained.


Keeping his eyelids lowered, he unbent from the waist to an upright position, bringing his arms down to his sides. Eyes focused on her black leather boots and remaining still despite the rippling sensation of the butt plug, Matthew listened to the key rattling in the lock of his cage.


“Yes, Mistress Diana, I would like to come out of my cage.”

“You do know I am going to beat you, Matthew,” she said, swinging the cage door open. If it weren’t for the constraining ring, he would have lost control, orgasming without permission, just hearing those words from her lips.

Beautiful Bruise

2 thoughts on “Slave in a Cage”

  1. My inglish is poor, what I mean is that I would gladly take the place of slave Mathew locked in Mistress cage, until She decides it si time for a good thrasing. In case She may grant some reward I would implore ro worship Her naked feet.

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