Female Masters

When I discovered that dominant women are normally given the title Mistress it set me back. To me the word has always meant “kept woman.” She may have ensared him with her erotic wiles but his pocket book controls the relationship.

As a so called “Mistress/ dominatrix ” I can say being called mistress makes
me laugh. I have my subs call me Trish. I like power over men. I’m not into
it 24hrs a day because sometimes I need a MAN who will give me a cuddle and
make me feel safe and secure. How ever in the bedroom I am a bitch and I
demand total obedience to my wishes. I guess all those who enjoy power have
different requirements. Mine are very sexual. It is only when I am feeling
turned on do I require total control then I like to humiliate and debase my
men. The rest of the time I am very undemanding and enjoy a relationship of
equality. I have a sub partner, and I frequently have other sub males join
us so I my exercise sexual power over them. But PLEASE PLEASE don’t don’t
call me Mistress. My name is Trish, the guys I deal with are men. Brains in
their pricks ( sorry to be so crude) so having total control is easy without
having to give my elf any daft labels.

The idea of calling a woman Master reduces my mind to mush: it seems to unequivocal.

Setting aside the dictionary definitions so eloquently examined in this long thread, the socio-cultural implications of the word Mistress throughout its
historical usage led many dominant women to accept the title Master as more
applicable to and descriptive of their relationships.

The title of Master was only ever able to be used ‘in the lifestyle’ in
earlier years (OldGuard-post world war II) upon completion of a one-to-one
mentoring relationship with an established Master. Both male and female
master-apprentices received the Master title upon a long path of growth.

The use of the term Mistress (also historically used in a dominant
relationship in literature, as well as in submissive roles throughout
‘vanilla’ relationships) is fraught with just that ambiguously-laden past.
Dominant women then find themselves in a quandary. To continue to use
“Master” to connote their relationships hides their presence in the
Master/slave role – doing nothing to erase the ‘natural’ argument that was
presented here that Masters are male. Yet “Mistress” doesn’t equate to
“Master” in the range of connotation, images, and intents.

Masters, Male & Female

4 thoughts on “Female Masters”

  1. My wife far prefers the term “Master” if I wish to use any sort of terminology like that at all. As long as I am obeying, “Honey” or “Yes Dear” work fine. 😉

    Still, early in our relationship I used the term “Mistress” ONCE. She didn’t like it at all. In her words: “A Mistress is a woman kept by someone elses’s husband.”

  2. I like the Trish’s view on female dominance very much. I too love to be dominant in a relationship with men, but I think that there are always times in life that everyone needs a hand in the decision making department, and a hug as she said. Yes, even a femdom need these things!

    If my male slaves act too pathetic all of the time, I will treat them as just that, and punish them far worse.

    Mistress Kate

  3. My wife hates being called “Mistress”, a word she regards as referring to a man’s “bit on the side”, which my wife would never be. She’s a dominant woman and expects me to acknowledge her supremacy over me when we’re at home. We experimented with different titles, such as “Madam” or “My Lady”, but she never considered them powerful enough for her. Then she saw the phrase “Master and slave” and liked it. At home, I’m her slave, and she’s the Head of the household i.e. she’s the “Master of the House”. So she told me to start addressing her as “Master”. Even although I’m submissive to her, it still seemed strange to call a woman “Master”, stranger still to call my wife “Master”, but she loves it and immediately accepted it as normal. I very quickly became used to it and now I call her “Master” as a matter of course at all times in our home. For example, as we were getting ready for work this morning, she was sitting at her dressing-table and she put on a new pair of earrings. I said “These earrings are lovely and they suit you, Master” and she replied “Oh, I’m glad you like them, slave”. Then, as she was leaving for work, I accompanied her to her car. I said (quietly, so that the neighbours wouldn’t hear) ” ‘Bye, Master.” She kissed my cheek and said “See you tonight, slave” and drove off, as though it were a perfectly normal conversation between a woman and her husband. Who knows, one day soon, it may be!

  4. I’ve just come across this thread and I hope I’ll be allowed to add a comment. My dominant wife would half kill me if I called her Mistress now. When we started our domme/slave relationship, she just seemed to adopt the term “slave” for me so I called her “Mistress”. She was horrified and told me never to call her that again OR ELSE! She said the same as Philip’s wife about not being a kept woman.

    She wasn’t happy about Domina, Boss, Madame or any other name I could think of. I’d run out of names and half-heartedly suggested “Master”, expecting her to reject it as too masculine. To my amazement, a wicked smile came over her face and she said the idea of a man addressing her as “Master” made her feel really horny and dominant.

    Just like Slave Dave, I now consider it perfectly normal to use the word “Master” when speaking to my wife. Of course, when other people are present I have to say her name but she prefers being alone with me so she can enjoy hearing me call her “Master”!

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