Face Slapping Fetish

A few sample extracts:

I have yet to meet a woman unwilling to slap me across the face if I request it. I love, love the sound! I also love the sheer haughty look of the woman as she slaps me.. Who says this treatment need be cruel?! I have been on my knees before many a gorgeous woman who smiles, yes smiles,as she methodically pulls back her hand and slaps me hard across the face. Never ever slap me in real life, but in fantasy life it is the most sexy way to be teased by a woman.

Anyone who enjoys having their face slapped usually has a big need for it. I am sorry your wife will not oblige. Maybe there is a way that she will…I would work on that within my main relationship….however, if you must act out this fantasy, with or without your wife, I suggest hiring an escort and exploring your fetish commercially in the privacy of a hotel room. “open-minded”, “Will fulfill all fantasies”, these are buzz words that you may find on escort websites that suggest that a woman would be open minded to being dominant with you and not looking at you as if you are from Mars when you request a slapping. And believe me, the escort will have great fun with you once she realizes you do not want sex, and once she sees how much you enjoy getting slapped…Good Luck

Is it illegal? No. Is it immoral? No. Is it abusive? Not if there is consent… I would say stop feeling like a bad person, life is too short to be so judgemental of oneself…Accept that you have an “alternative” turn-on and pursue it with like-minded people. If you don’t wear who you are with pride then it really will filter into other areas of your life that you may not want…Think gay person who stays in the closet…think of all the shame and guilt this person feels at not being who they are.

Once I realized the erotic potential for me of experiencing erotic pain (not painful pain such as a broken arm!), I was free to not experience pain in other areas of my life. Sex transforms…I am so confident of who I am that I merely tell my girlfriend of the moment that she play with my fantasies, be it faceslapping or whatever,or that we are incompatible.

Be who you are. Do not feel bad about your pleasures. But if you do feel bad, hey, isn’t that the best sex anyway…the kind where you feel a little naughty???

Remember, if you ask your girlfriend to slap you around, at worst she will say no and you can look for someone more to your liking…at best, she will slap you!! Good luck.

Because I love having my face slapped so much, I married a teacher (15 years my senior) who takes great pleasure in giving me a really good clouting. Though my wife is extremely strict in the classroom, she finds it frustrating not to be able to slap pupils who sorely need it. Hence, on some evenings after work – to relieve her frustrations – she will act out a strict teacher / naughty pupil fantasy with me. We have even converted one of our bedrooms into a mock classroom conplete with school desk and blackboard. Typically, she will have me sit in my school desk and have me learn by heart a piece of pornographic poetry or prose and wait for her. When she enters in her best headmistress atire, she will have me stand and recite the poetry or prose for her. She will then find fault with my level of knowlegde and advise me that I am to be punished. She will typically drag me by the ear to the front of the classroom and have me kneel in front of her with my hands behind my back. She will have me look straight ahead at her eyes as she swings her arm back and brings down her beautiful hand with some force across my cheek. The beautiful sount of the slap – almost like a shot out of a gun – more than compensates for the pain in my cheek. My wife is able to slap equally well with both hands – and always manages to give me two very hot and rosy cheeks. Our face slapping sessions often go on for up to half an hour. Often times my wife gives me such a clouting that I pass out from a combination of sheer pleasure and pain. Afterwards, my wife confirms just how much sheer pleasure she derives from giving me such a severe clouting. She maintains it gets rid of all her classroom frustrations and helps her face the next day in school with renewed vigour and resolve. Often times after having a thoroughly pleasurable face slapping session with me, my wife will give me an evening’s “detention”. She will assign me a lengthy written punishment – usually a few hundred lines and several pages of poetry or prose to write out for her. I will then have to spend the remainder of the evening in our mock classroom writing out the punishment work for her, while she enjoys a pleasant evening out with the girls. She regards this as the perfect end to the evening.

Face slapping gives me a powerful kick in my Domming. I reserved it for special well deserved occasions. Humiliation having a strong bond to the face slapping. I remember using the face of a slave for slapping back and forth at the moment of my cuming while I rode his penis, while he whimpered not being able to cum and almost loosing his control..almost. or the slave that couldn’t help but lust, while looking at other women watching them jog, or looking at long legs on a skimpy shorts. If I caught him looking I would slap him right at the moment. If he did, and I din’t know, he would come to me and confess. I would ask him to assume the position and while kneeling his hands behind his head, face pushed outward, take off his glasses and submit….such pleasures. After having my time slapping him he will bow to kiss my hand and thank me for slapping his smut face and show him his place, with his face below my foot.

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