Submales & Subhubbies in Domestic Servitude

Off in the land of submales and subhubbies one gets the impression that a real woman is lazy woman. Not the impression John Q. Submale really wishes to present of his wife / mistress one would think.

Then again, are these stories of authoritarian – but loving (they say) – females who turn their husbands and boyfriends into domestic servants true?

The amount of time spent cleaning the bathroom suggests that the home is mostly bathrooms. Judging by the quantity of ironing it sounds as if the woman must’ve gone out of her way to avoid ready to wear fabrics.

Real Women Never Do Anything

2 thoughts on “Submales & Subhubbies in Domestic Servitude”

  1. I don’t belive just because my husband is the domestic partner and that he does most of the cooking and cleaning that Iam lazy. After all, marriage is a partnership it’s just that I am the “Senior” partner. For example, he does most of the cooking, but I am a better cook. Some chores aroud the hosue I don’t wnt him to do becuas I would rather handle it. I like to garden buthe will mow the lawn. I aslo make the final decisions, bring in the paycheck, pay the bills, control the bedroom, that does not mean my husband cannot think, handle money that I givc him, or make good contributions which will lead to the decisions I make.

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