Young Female Sadists

In elementary school no less:

In second and third grade, I was “mentored,” as it were, by an older girl in my neighborhood with whom I often played. She was about five years older than me, putting her in middle school. She had some very sadistic sexually-themed fantasies that she liked to have me help her act out. I can still recall these in some detail. Themes included luring/kidnapping, physical and sexual torture, bondage, lots of threats, and finally, cutting, amputation, or outright murder, often with cannibalization. I sometimes played the victim, sometimes the co-conspirator in these roleplays. I always identified with the dominator, though. It was my only experience at bottoming, in a way!

Early / Late Bloomers (Sexuality and BDSM)

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  1. I used to play all summer long with the girl next door and we used to play cowboys and indians, she was the indian who always ended up being tied to a pole. As the summers went on she used to beg me to tie her up to this pole we used as tightly as possible and smack her with a tree branch. I got a little confused when I believed that you would want to get away from a situation like that not volunteer for it. Little did I know.

  2. I was about 9 when I found a paperback book about female cannibals who captured men for sex torture and a meal and have had this fantasy about acting out pretend so to speak, this story with a female or two all my life any comments or takers?

  3. I am now 48 and still recall the times when i was dominated and hurt by my cousin and her older friend. I was about 7 when it happened, and it carried on until I was about ten years old. We used to play doctors and nurses, I was seven Jane was nine and Christine must have been about twelve as I remember her having reached puberty we would go, into my Aunt’s house, to the spare bedroomwhere we were alone, I would ofen have to present my erect penis by dropping my trousers, here Jane and Christine would examine my penis. I had to show them my “insides”, that is, pull back my tight foreskin to show the girls my glans. After time, the skin would peel back to the corona, but at that age, the inner foreskin – the synechia – wa still attached to the top part of my glans, Christine saw this, and the next time we would play, she grabbed my penis and jerked the skin back hard. This snapped the last bit of skin. It hurt for a while. Christine seemed to know what she was doing, and I am sure she enjoyed hurting my penis like that. We carriued on over the years until I was about ten or so, they would always put me in various ostions where they could experiment with my (always) erect penis, peeling the skin back to stretch it back. One time the skin got jammed behind the corona, I panicked a bit and had to push the skin back agin in rder for it to slip back over.
    I still fantasise today about those early days of the girls abusing and torturing my penis like they did.
    Love to hear any comments.

  4. Bryan, As a r/t Dom, I can say that it is amazing how many women have fantasies like yours – except a female version – the Hannibal Lechter type of fantasies where they are kidnapped and eventually dissected and cooked and eaten. Thereis also the idea of being captured by a tribe of cannibals and “enjoyed” by them and then cooked and eaten. Snuff fantasies are more common than most people realize – especially among women from late teens through to the late 30’s. I wonder how many Dommes have fantasies of being the kidnapper of some young guy or girl…????

  5. Sorry it took so long to reply, I would be intrested to find out if there are Dommes who , deep down would like to role play eating one of their slaves or even get together with some fello Dommes and have a long pig slave BBQ

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