Women Will Own Men as Property

Another vision of political female supremacy.

First comes the male rituals:

From an early age males will be required to consume the mentsrual excretion’s of their owning FFemale. This ritual is to worship the division of the human form – caused by the unsuitability of the male reproductive components for inclusion with the other human components within the Female form.

The penis has but one purpose:

The male genitals are physical representations of the servitutde connection that males have to support FFemales.

Males will actually become the gynarch’s army:

Gynarchy has the benefit of automatically creating a large pool of people willing to work towards its goals, and these are the males. Gynarchical males are generally passionate about the cause as part of their participation. This raises its own problems so males who are without Female direction or ownership will need Gynarchical Female leader’s. Very powerful mechanisms towards this are Gynarchical micro-societies that are online. These provide somewhere the male and Female can participate and discover their own strengths and weaknesses.

To achieve a Gynarchical Society, eventually everyone will have to bring these behaviours into reality. This step is a delicate step and will become easier as more and more people become supporters of Gynarchy.

Gynarchical Transformation

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