Tantric Femdom

Mistress Angelic Serpent has a number of interesting essays on female domination and male submission:

Women becoming Dominant learn to accept their power, and become aware of how the threat of being labeled “unladylike” has been used to repress their natural inner warrior, their intuition and their defenses against being victimized. I have found that learning Dominance, as I teach it, is incredibly empowering for those abused women you speak of, as it helps them to get beyond their present victim state. They learn to speak their truth and to behave aggressively in service to their own well being, and to the greater good of the community. The male drive to power is filtered thru the feminine form/vessel which seeks the community well being and harmony.

Men who have always been expected to take charge, find a freedom in surrender that is unparalleled. Men tend to use one side of the brain at a time, and thus they can be very single minded on achieving their goals, to the detriment of their emotional well being, and their community. Thru their fem side, they learn to weep, and to love, and to find fulfillment in acts of in service to other. Heroes put women and children first, like on the Titanic… they don’t abuse them.

Men who surrender to their fem side, wake up the gene that was switched off before birth, peel off the armor, and discover empathy… and the strength there is, in vulnerability and surrender.

Submissive men are my heroes, their strength and beauty dazzles my eyes.
I don’t train men to submit, to humiliate them and make them less. I teach them to surrender, so they set aside ego and find access to their true power, Spirit.. then, they become much greater than their limited male ego beliefs ever imagined possible.

Femdom Tantra

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  1. I agree with Ms Angelic Serpent..I am late 50’s male who has always been dominant..but after a relationship with a true dome female I am a new man..

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