Gynosupremacist Marriage and Liturgical Urination

Sacremental pissing in the First Church of Female Supremacy:

The fundamentals of a Cybelian marriage are as follows: (a) the wife is the one who is in control, (b) the wife has the option to cuckold the man, if she so desires, and (c) the wife urinates on the man every day. This last is the most important, for two reasons – firstly, the wife is assuring the good health of her husband by urinating in his mouth so that he obtains all the benefits associated with urine therapy. Secondly, she is cementing her authority over the male on a daily basis by the act of urinating on him and ensuring he drinks it. It is a workable lifestyle, which both creates and sustains a long-lasting marriage – as it obviates many typical domestic disputes. Often, a marital contract is drawn-up, embodying all of the chosen aspects of the particular couple’s marriage. Help can be obtained from the Order in the compilation of such marital contracts.

Cybelian Marriage

15 thoughts on “Gynosupremacist Marriage and Liturgical Urination”

  1. The act of opening ones mouth to peform urinal duty for a woman is an excellent sign of total worship and respect for the female..Doing this on a daily basis should be required to remind him of his subservience to the female. My Mistress make pee cubes so that I am also reminded when we have company of course my drink will contain her pee cubes..and she will ask me if I enjoy the drink..since cockulding is also par of our arrangement occasionally the cubes contain more than just her pee.

  2. This should be part of the marriage ceremony.  in front of family and friends and clergy.  the utter submission of the male to the Superior Female.reinforcing this on a daily basis is a wonderful way to keep the chaste husband knowing his place.  perhaps every first date should start with this also.   

  3. Wonderful! we should encourage this. There seems to be a lot of negative nonsense about this beautiful act. There used to be wonderful groups on Yahoo & MSN dedicated to this but have been deleted. Other acts are untouched – why the double standard?

  4. As earnestly as I try to be the proper little subbie to my Lady, I can only hold down one full swallow of her pee. Perhaps if she were to drink more liquids to thin it out? I confess the Femdomish act idea of it – and the feel of it gushing into my mouth – drives me directly into sub-space.

  5. So much for feminism being “equality” then, eh? Starting from the 1960s onwards (when men provided a protective weapon to women in the form of the contraceptive pill), women have gradually become more crass and open about the intentions of their movement for social, legal and economic reform.

    Of course, “questioning” that women aren’t capable of/don’t want equality, or that they really do wish to treat men fairly once they are allowed to re-write our laws is getting off on the wrong footing to begin with. The briefest analysis of female sexuality, psychology and morals proves that any movement which comes from them does not have bona fide intentions.

    Feminism, Female Supremacism and Female Domination are all basically the same. Pieces of the same puzzle.

  6. Mistress/wife started urinating on me 2 weeks ago, i have learned to accept the humiliation and now enjoy the opportunity to serve her and look forward to the morning ritual. My place in life is complete!

  7. I’m already a toilet slave that i see but very occasionally,but would a more long term relationship of toilet servitude to a Domme woman. So would be suited very much to a cybelian relationship.
    Is there any Cybelian groups in the uk that i could join please.

  8. I have been into the Female led relationship for many, many years (even before The internet)! I have tried in vain to get my wife to be the boss in our relationship with a lot of failure!
    In fact she was the primary bread winner, and i was the house husband, taking responsibilities taking care of our children! I have been her pee toliet, but nothing more. She was “the boss” at work, but i had to be the boss at home!
    I hated it! Know that I am divorced! Where, do i find a “real”?women who really wants to be in a Female Led relationship! Without the bullshit i get around it!!
    So is this a fantasy or real???

  9. i approve totally. while copraphagy seems unsafe — as well as aesthetically challenging — uranophilia seems delightful and aesthetically wonderful. The fact that it can taste terrible is precisely why it is a wonderful tribute to the woman’s beauty. The fact that it may not taste bad is a delightful reward for the slave. THe variation depends of course on her diet. Asparagus is famous for making all discharges taste terrible, so, Goddesses, eat asparagus when you wish to truly use your Nectar as Discipline. Other foods may require experiment. Morning will be more of a challenge than mid-day. I like the idea of Nectar ice cubes made in different sizes and “strengths.” They can go into a mouth and then comes the tape gag on top. Thin cubes can go into nostrils depending on the slaves position — so that they drain upwards. All of this is much better if the Goddess(es) can laugh sincerely at the slaves humiliation. If there are multiple Goddesses a test — whose Nectar is this — can be rewarded and punished. Love and respect to all women everywhere — you are all Beautiful and deserve adoration!

  10. Years ago, when she who is now my owner, and who’s property it is my privilege to be was just my girlfriend,I manipulated her into sitting on my face. Which without hesitation, I am pleased to say she was happy to do.

    After a while she got up, and said, go get me a drink, but don’t get any for yourself. When I returned and entered the lounge, she was sitting in one of the arm chairs. I gave her the drink, and sat down on the carpet in front of Her.

    What are you doing down there ? She asked, showing you respect I said, I want to be your slave.

    Oh don’t worry about that She said, you already are, and have been ever since you asked me to sit on your face. As soon as you said that, I knew that you were mine, you were in my power, and I could do just what I liked with you.

    Now slave get down on your hands and knees, crawl forward, and kiss my feet. I of course did as I was told, and continued to do so until she said, that’s enough.

    Now follow me she said and led me upstairs to her bedroom. There she sat on the end of her bed, removed her panties, lifted up the front of her skirt, lay back on the bed with her legs wide apart, and said “Get down on your knees between my feet, and lick my pussy, and don’t stop until I tell you to”.

    What a wonderful sight, I was down there like a shot, kissing, sucking, and licking to my hearts content, and at the same time giving her the pleasure she so richly deserved.

    After she had finished, I was commanded to lick her clean, then she got back again onto the bed, and instructed me to carry on as before. her body arched, she moaned, and just before her orgasm, she opened her legs wider, put both her hands behind my head pulled me in, and closed her legs so tightly, I thought my skull would crack.

    I had never been happier, I just could not believe my good fortune, so much had happened in so short a time.

    I had often wondered what it would be like to have my face sat upon by a woman, and now I knew, I really enjoyed it, and what’s more she enjoyed sitting on my face, so much so in fact that she was keen to do it again.

    My mouth had been so close to her pussy, that I found myself wondering what it would be like to drink female urine, but knew that I would never have the nerve to ask.

    As it happened, there was no need to, for she said, that was great, I really enjoyed it, I would just love to give you your reward, would you like that ?

    Oh! yes please I replied, OK, she said, now open your mouth wide, and keep it open, whereupon she sat herself down once more on my mouth But this time with her pee hole directly over it’s centre, and proceeded to empty her by then full bladder directly into my eager waiting mouth.

    There no words to describe just how much I enjoyed drinking her lovely tangy tasting golden nectar. To have inside me, what had formerly been inside her was joy unspeakable.

    After she had finished, I licked her spotlessly clean. She then got up, and said. Now do you see why I told you to get me a drink, and to have none for yourself ?

  11. She who owns me said. “From now on I will supply all that you drink, when you drink, where you drink, how much you drink, and how often you drink, but don’t worry there will always be enough, and may well be at some times in the future perhaps more than you can manage, we will have to see.

    What She meant by that is as follows.

    She has many female friends of like mind, all of whom know of Her dominant relationship with me, Her slave husband.

    Many of these friends were keen to see just how She uses me, and to this end it was not long before She invited a number of them to our home for what She described as, “a girls night in” , each one had been told to feel free to use me in the same way that She does..

    The wine flowed freely, and it wasn’t long before each one it turn had to use me as Her toilet, and some of them more than once mainly for liquid relief only, but two of them also for defecation as well..

    Fortunately I was not used by them in quick succession, and was therefore able to swallow all their waste products, I estimate that I must have drunk a gallon at least of their different flavoured honey that evening.

    Usemefor a Woman’s toilet.

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