What Questions to Avoid When Talking to an Escort

When speaking to an escort, there are some questions that you should deliberately avoid if you want to really enjoy your experience and not put her on edge. Like with anyone, there are different personalities with different escorts, but avoiding these questions applies to all escorts. You ought to have your boundaries kept so that all the parties can get satisfied. Below are some questions that you should avoid asking, which include:

1. Would you like cum?

Well, this is a question that you should ask your wife, not an escort girl. The role of the escort is to make you happy and satisfy your all needs when it comes to your sexual desires. If you are doing things right she will cum. And even if she doesn’t, it is her job to pretend to make sure that you are happy. Well, if it happens, let it be. However, you should not ask the escort if she is interested in cuming, you should avoid this question altogether.

2. Why are you an escort?

If you want to have sex with your wife alone, go ahead. Otherwise, if you are going for an escort, then it means that you are actually in need of the services the escort is giving. If this is the case, then avoid asking why she is doing such a job. Have some respect and stick to what matters for the two of you. The reason she is an escort should be your business. Whether she is beautiful or not, let her do her job in peace.

3. Do you have a boyfriend?

Seriously! Do you want to hear the answer to this question? Well, what will you gain if she has a boyfriend or she is married? Okay! This is not part of your business. It is time to have adventurous sex far from the daily routine. It is not the time to ask about the personal question like having a boyfriend or not. Have fan and go your way.

5. How much are your services?

This is not a question you should ask directly to the escort. Before you book appointed with an escort, you should visit the website of that specific escort and have all the details about the services, and make those arrangements with the agency she works for. If you need any clarification on the services, then you can ask through an email, of course, a polite one before you can book an appointment. Asking such a question during the date may show that you are disrespectful.

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