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Are you not sure if you need sex? I am not sure what is going on, but it seems that at least some people believe that they can live without sex. Asking the girls at our London escorts service, it seems that they are as equally confused about the issue as I am. Why are some people even contemplating celibacy? I am not sure where this crazy idea has come from, and most of the girls I know at London escorts do agree with me. According to


In my opinion, sex is good for you and it is as simple as that. If you don’t have sex on a regular basis, you are far more likely to suffer from a range of disorders which can have a negative effect on your health. One of the most common health issues that I can come across at London escorts is high blood pressure and severe stress. Many of the gents that I date at London escorts who suffer from high blood pressure seem to have very little sex in their lives. Maybe that tells you everything that you need to know.


If you are in a long-term relationship with your partner, sex is an important part of the relationship. If you don’t want to have sex within part of that relationship, you need to ask yourself why. Sure, it is true that lust may go out of the relationship, but if that happens, I think that you should ask yourself why. I am not the only girl at London escorts to say this, I know that many other girls at London escorts think the same way as I do and find it hard to understand. Surely, if you love your partner, sex is a perfectly natural part of that relationship. 


Why do people stop having sex? I think that any breakdown in a relationship can influence the way you see others. For instance, if one person becomes ill, you may simply not see the person as a sexual person anymore. It can be a difficult situation to deal with, and we do come across it a lot at London escorts. If you would like to sort the problem out, it is important that you try to get to the bottom of what caused it in the first place. It could be one particular factor or a matter of circumstances.


Would you be able to live without sex? I know that I would not be able to live without sex, and I think that goes for most of the other girls at London escorts. Sex is an important part of my life and makes me feel good about myself. To me having sex is a very liberating experience. If it was not for sex I think that I would be a rather stressed out person. When I have really great sex, it almost like I experience some kind of energy surge. Maybe that is what sex. We often talk about sexual energy and I keep on wondering if sex is really not some kind of universal energy after all…


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