My latest Femdom site was established 8/30/2014.

This is an illustrated vignette F/m blog.

The prose fragments are mostly down-to-earth female domination situations and fantasies. The dominant women and submissive men almost plausible at times.

Please accept my invitation to take a look at:


Ayesha’s Saudade

Ayesha, She Who Must Be Obeyed, was the most successful literary creation of jingoistic fabulist H. Rider Haggard. The Hammer movie starring Ursula Andress is better known than the Allan Quatermain novels.

Aside from the associations the name is lovely: Ayesha. Why wouldn’t an actual dominant woman claim it.

The blog I’m posting a note about is written by the most distinctive Ayesha’s I’ve ever encountered on the web.

To quote her Blogspot profile:

Dominant female, promoting feminine femdom, as opposed to trendy and recreational femdom. My slaves r powerful, challenging, lustful, and hungry for my whip. Together we ridicule fascists, quasi-femdoms, and boy scouts.

Visit her blog: Ayesha’s Saudade

Devling into Deviance

Devling into Deviance’s motto is “Ponderings on kink and female domination.”

From the blog’s about page:

… I am somewhat new to female domination, but have been interested in it for a few years. This is my chosen forum for exploring my ideas as they come along. Sometimes this will involve building on them or modifying them. I do not offer a definitive guide, but rather, perhaps, a woman with whom others will be able to relate. I don’t want to be put on a pedestal, and I would never accept money for what I do. I am a real woman, complete with imperfections and strong emotions. I am a sadist and a masochist. I like to tie others up and be tied up. However, when it comes to D/s, I prefer the dominant role. …

Devling into Deviance

A fine and thoughtful blog.

Her Sadistic Hunger

As a strongly masochistic man it always resonates me when I read a dominant woman speaking as Arcadia does here:

I am finding that the more I release My Sadistic side out on whore, the more I come to crave the taste of it, and want it more. There are some cruel things I plan on doing to shadow once he gets here. Things that neither of U/us have done before… like needle play.

Sitting Pretty

Joanna Lark’s Blog

Joanna Lark is a London maker of kinky things. From about page:

The company offers an unparalleled range of fetish wear including corsets, the leather body harness you always dreamed of and extraordinary bondage restraints to satisfy even the wildest fantasies. Sexy stilettos, thigh high boots and latex boots are in superior quality leather, shiny smooth PVC or slinky latex. All the shoes are specially designed for both women and men of all sexual preferences, so whatever your fetish, we have something for you!

She also has a blog.

Dominant Women Have Hearts

I sometimes fancy myself fairly aware of the emotional needs of dominant women.

That didn’t stop me from being startled the first time I read a Domina write of the heartache men who claim to want to offer their submission can cause.

Goddess Isis Moon who seems to be a very sweet woman says it with painful clarity:

I am getting very tired of “submissives” who claim to be so, when in truth they really aren’t. Why bother wasting your time or Mine playing around with someones head or heart when you know damn well it is not going to go anywhere?

Even the strongest Dominant Women have hearts and yes… surprise they can be tugged on and broken.

I am just ready to truely find someone who is real. Give Me a break already!

I am tired and just frustrated with everything and everyone I seem to come into contact with lately. It gets very old meeting the same type of people. The people that say the are one thing and really are something 100% different then what they claim to be.

All I have ever asked in honesty. Honesty in who and what you are. Honesty in what you want and desire. Honesty in what you need.

I am tired of liars, time wasters and simply fucked up people.

I do have a heart and a heart that gets broken easily. Perhaps just being yourself and realizing that would be greatly helpful. To understand this lifestyle and the depth that comes along with it would be helpful as well.

There are more then a few things I would like to touch upon this morning.

Tantric Femdom

Mistress Angelic Serpent has a number of interesting essays on female domination and male submission:

Women becoming Dominant learn to accept their power, and become aware of how the threat of being labeled “unladylike” has been used to repress their natural inner warrior, their intuition and their defenses against being victimized. I have found that learning Dominance, as I teach it, is incredibly empowering for those abused women you speak of, as it helps them to get beyond their present victim state. They learn to speak their truth and to behave aggressively in service to their own well being, and to the greater good of the community. The male drive to power is filtered thru the feminine form/vessel which seeks the community well being and harmony.

Men who have always been expected to take charge, find a freedom in surrender that is unparalleled. Men tend to use one side of the brain at a time, and thus they can be very single minded on achieving their goals, to the detriment of their emotional well being, and their community. Thru their fem side, they learn to weep, and to love, and to find fulfillment in acts of in service to other. Heroes put women and children first, like on the Titanic… they don’t abuse them.

Men who surrender to their fem side, wake up the gene that was switched off before birth, peel off the armor, and discover empathy… and the strength there is, in vulnerability and surrender.

Submissive men are my heroes, their strength and beauty dazzles my eyes.
I don’t train men to submit, to humiliate them and make them less. I teach them to surrender, so they set aside ego and find access to their true power, Spirit.. then, they become much greater than their limited male ego beliefs ever imagined possible.

Femdom Tantra


Silverkey writes about taking a man to the depths of emotional surrender:

… I rubbed my hand over his face again tracing his cheeks and lips and forehead. I was soft yet firm and I could feel my effect on him. His eyes were closed and he was moving his head with my hand. It was very emotional, and I felt a little afraid of what I had done to him. His eyes were closed and he just looked content – but then he began to tear up…but seemed to be happy. Hard to describe I guess. Later he told me that “it was the single greatest sexual experience of his life.” He was just in a different place, a new place….is this subspace?

Sub Space

Law & Order : Special Spankees Unit

Elizabeth is quite a treat:

I’m embarrassed to say that I did a google search on the terms “spanking Christopher Meloni” a few months back. I don’t think I would have been embarrassed if my search turned up any results, but in the whole World Wide Web, I’m apparently the only person who harbors a fervent desire to bend him over, tie him up, and put him on the receiving end of a long afternoon with a leather strap, followed by unmentionable intimacies.

Spanking Christopher Meloni