Living as a Puppy

Extracted arbitrary from a list of suggestions by a fellow who calls living as a puppy “very loving and affectionate form of BDSM play.”

CBT – when down on your paws and have some ball weights or other CBT device on that stretches you, you suddenly become very aware of them as you walk along. Highly recommended once you get more into it and want to behave more pup like.

Kneepads – these are vital if your pup spends much time on all fours, especially if on the concrete floor of a club or playroom. Bear in mind they’re not normally designed for constant use on the knees and can bunch up round the back of the leg. Good types to look for are volleyball gel ones (for smaller pups), BMX biker ones with a hinged section and also ones designed for carpet & tile fitters you get in DIY stores.

Human Dog/Puppy Training

Strap-On Sex : Psychology & Practice

Pointers to discussions of female penetration of the male:

I don’t find it particularly pleasurable physically. I enjoy it more
from an emotional viewpoint. It makes me feel “owned” or “taken” by
her, if that makes sense. I think it takes me further down toward
‘subspace.’ It certainly makes me respond more submissively to her.

A question for subs regarding strap-on play

What does she find un-appealing about it to begin with? is it the position
and motions she has to make to take you? or is it just the thought of
fucking you instead of you doing it to her? I think you have to find out
just what it is that is making her hesitate first. (Next statements aren’t
attacking, just making you look at your behavior) Have you pushed it a bit
so now she feels self conscious and not in control? Drooled over it so that
she doesn’t feel like she can live up to your expectations? Have you in
talking about it made her feel like she has to become more intense/harder in
dominating you to make you happier? If she isn’t comfortable with that side
of her personality, this might be pushing her too soon, too quick, wrong

Strap-on help with wife

Okay.. most men are way too tense to begin with.. therefore you
literally will be tight will very hard to insert anything into
your rectum.

So you have to learn to relax.. put aside the bdsm element for a
momment..have your wife or mistress or girlfriend give you a nice

When you relax. your sphincter muscles will relax as well.

Second mistake most men make is trying to go too big too fast.. the only

Thing that will accomplish is pain.

the ass is like a woman’s vagina. it will stretch also.. but you don’t
see women stuffing 2x4s up there. not even in pornos do you see that..
you have to start off small.

Strap on tips for newbies

I would start out small. You can always go larger when you’re both more

Also keep in mind that some women may need a little practise “driving”. I was a little surprised when a woman I was with had trouble getting into the
right position. It took a little practise before it all fell into place, so
to speak.

Beginners “First time strap on”

Selecting a Strap-On Harness

However we have not really
been able to find a good reliable dildo harness for that purpose.The dildo
either falls out of the harness so she must hols it in place or the harness
slips and slides everywhere. We have tried several ranging from quite
expensive to the more inexpensive models. Having these problems also seems
to take away from the “moment” so to speak. She enjoys (as well as I) a so
called hands free experiance. She then can turn her attentions to pinching
my nipples, playing with my balls or sometimes covering my mouth with her
hand. … We also would like to purchase a
dildo that is matched for the harness. Not to big, not to small but as
Goldylocks said: “the one that fits just right”! Thanks

In need of a reliable dildo harness


My own beloved Sensual Sadist writs of the night she wrapped my cock in ClubFEM’s Male Chastity Device:

After his butt had turned red he dropped to the floor and began hyper-groveling, at which point I told him that he should suck off my heels like the pain-slut that he is. He did this with much vim and vigor and I told him from that point on he should fuck the floor continuously until I told him he could stop.

At some stage I moved onto a light flogger and began whipping up his arse with that, and at several points I told him to kneel up or lie flat while I tightened the tie – a lot at first, and then later on just a tiny amount for effect. I also squeezed, pinched and caressed his cock – especially around the MCD, talking dirty to him here and there for added arousal.

The entire evening: Drastic Plastic (The MCD makes it’s Debut)

Make Your Own Toys

Here are a few items you can make easily and inexpensively for yourself. Maybe you want to be able to construct some toys instead of carrying things with you when you travel, or maybe you like the idea of using things you’ve made on someone. Either way, here are eight quick ideas for toys you can make yourself from easy obtainable materials. Each of the materials lists tells you what you need to make one of them, but you can make as many as you want the same way.

Making your own toys

CBT Pervertible

One of my favorite female sadists writes about perverting an egg topper:

It’s essentially a stainless circle with scissors-style handles that, when squeezed, push stainless steel points inside the circle.

We all know where I’m going with this.

I’ve used mine twice; once simply to scare my pet, and the other time with a nice gentleman I met at a play party. We each had one in our kit; mine seemed to run a little more smoothly, so we used mine.

Many gentlemen will probably be unable to fit the head of the penis through the circle; however, I found the points worked quite well just on the head of the penis. My model certainly looked scared as hell, which was fine with both of us.

Egg Topper

Pervertible Glass Table

A perhaps fanciful comment on human furniture engineering:

We converted it from one of those glass-topped tables that sometimes have an umbrella in the center. Now there’s a suspension net underneath, where a person can lay on their back. We center their genitals in the middle, where the umbrella hole is and leave their head dangling back on one end. We replace the glass tabletop, careful not to pinch anything, then clamp it in place with luggage buckles which are attached to the table’s rim in six evenly spaced places. The pressure of that immobilizes whomever is in the net below, but if its too much, we can adjust the net points too. With men, we bring their penis out of that hole where the umbrella would have gone and fasten a small cone collar to it. -I think its to keep gerbils from biting themselves or something- Anyway, then it can be a centerpiece, or used as an m&m dish. How delicious when they reach in and brush your penis, only to come away with some candies to relish!

Core Fantasy: Human Furniture

Stinging Crop / Whip / Cane Recommendation

Since I don’t ordinarily do this I hope this won’t seem too crass.

Sold as a crop but looking like a can and able to function both as a cane and a whip.

The Flicker Whip’s tassel produces a sharp sting like a single tail but is much cheaper, requires less practice and works well in small spaces.

Take a look at the Flicker Whip.